Saturday, March 31, 2012

Movie Ratings

Thanks to Wm Rowe

I found this cool website online that gives you ratings for all the shows and movies out there. You just type in the SatelliteTVFamily show, or the movie, and it gives you a rating as to how appropriate it is for kids of different ages. It looks at stuff like how scary the show is, how violent, how sexual, cussing, moral values, etc. It also gives specific examples, like “one instance of foul language,” so you can decide for yourself how that would be for your child. I love it because so often you can’t tell enough about the suitability of a movie or show by the PG, G, R rating. I mean, a lot of movies are rated PG-13 that I would totally allow my kids to watch, but some I would never allow them to watch. Also, some movies that are rated G can actually be quite scary. Have you seen the last Toy Story movie? Oh my gosh! That psychotic doll scene. I would have liked to know about that ahead of time.

Is There A God?

It takes more faith for someone to believe everything on this earth evolved from a one celled organism, then to believe their is a God!

Look around, everything has an order and a song. God is a god of order. The rules of gravity keep this universe revolving around the sun. Watch and listen to this awesome video, you will love it.